You never know what you got
'Till someone takes it all away
It always seemed so close
But now I know it's so far away
You never know where to turn
Until you've missed the chance
It's usually to late
When you're ready to ask, "May I have this dance?"
I thought I knew what it was like
To have everything I wanted
But then one thing occurred to me
After I was badly taunted
There are few things I need in life
One of these is love
I've learned this through hate and strife
The other is loyal friends
Who will stand by you forever
I have one of these
And I will release it never
Not even if you say, "Pretty please."
So please help me now
I need come love
And I can tell you this
It isn't going to come from above
I know it's true
I've been a bad kid
And when I've had a problem
I've always ran and hid
But that's got to change
I've got to deal with it
'Cause if I don't now
I'm going to throw a fit
I've tried to end my life
It didn't go too well
This world is filled with hate and strife
All I've got to say is, "Farewell!"

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