"Start Where You Stand" by Berton Braley

Start where you stand and never mind the past; 
The past won't help you in beginning new, 
If you have left it all behind at last 
Why that's enough, you're done with it, you're through;

This is another chapter in the book, 
This is another race that you have planned, 
Don't give the vanished days a backwards look, 
Start where you stand.

The world won't care about your old defeats 
If you can start anew and win success; 
The future is your time, and time is fleet 
And there is much of work and strain and stress;

Forget the buried woes and dead despairs, 
Here is a brand-new trial right at hand, 
The future is for him who does and dares, 
Start where you stand.

Old failures will not hald, old triumphs aid, 
To-day's the thing, tomorrow will soon be; 
Get in the fight, and face it unafraid, 
And leave the past to ancient history.

What has been has been; yesterday is dead 
And by it, you are neither blessed or banned; 
Take courage, man, be brave and drive ahead, 
Start where you stand.

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