As I Walk Through My Dreams

As I walk through my dreams,
I witness the world end over and over
before my stricken eyes,
and all I've ever known becomes lost in oblivion
as the earth I love dies,

I cant help crying as all life is dying
and a deep plunge of fear entangles my soul,
here I stand still, dead against my will
and I've lost all total control,

This is what I feel
this is what I see,
such is what it seems,
and so,

As I walk through my dreams,
My ethereal imagination travels the universe,
scaling the vast cosmos of space,
As I approach the edge I peer beyond the ledge
and I see my one true place,

Transcending the fabric of the space time continuum
I pull on the strings of creation and existence
Altering reality as I readily see fit...
This is it.
This is the end.
All roads bend to this one place
at the center of time and space,

Oh! the magnificence!
Oh! the beauty!
Oh! the infinite energy 
that flows right through me!

But I must cry,
Because as I open each eye
I see what it all means,
That I was just walking through my dreams


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