Dream : A Deception or Truth

They haunt you,
They inspire you;
They make you travel far far away,
But they are not true.

They make you wonder,
What is really around you;
They leave you almost speechless,
But they do not define you.

They are not spoken in words,
But play like a movie centered around you;
They seem real when you're in one,
But they do not control you.

People say dreams help us escape to a place
Different than what surrounds you;
It seems almost like an awaited vacation,
But it does not transform you.

Dreams are complex to explain,
And simple to have;
They come when we sleep,
But we can't choose which one to have.

They are unpredictable and changing,
Sweet to begin with then turn into nightmares:
Its like you start with dreaming of teddys,
And then end up chased by grizzly bears!

They can be sweet and peaceful,
And even bizzare and surreal;
The trick to enjoy the constant surprise,
Is to keep in sight what is real.

Dreams are perceptions,
Could be illusions or deceptions too;
But don't stop dreaming yet,
'Cause someday they could come true.


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