Dare to Dream

Some people only look at life through eyes that seldom gleam 
while others look beyond today as they're guided by a dream 
And the dreamers can't be sidetracked by dissenters who may laugh 
for only they alone can know how special is their path 
But dreams aren't captured easily; 
there's much work before you're through 
but the time and efforts are all worthwhile 
when the impossible comes true 
And dreams have strength in numbers 
for when a common goal is shared 
the once impossible comes true because of all who cared 
And once it's seen as reality a dream has just begun 
for magically from dreams come dreams 
And a walk becomes a run 
But with growth of course comes obstacles 
and with obstacles come fear 
but the dream that is worth dreaming 
finds its way to the dear 
And the dream continues growing 
Reaching heights before unseen 
And it's all because of the courage of the dreamers 
and their dream.

John Turnipseed
Director of People Services at Southwest Airlines

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