Conquer mountains tall and oceans deep,
Overcome every hill and dale,
Reach for the stars in the universe,
Dream big and dare to fail.

You'r neve too old or never to young
To reach places no one else has been,
Do the things that stir your soul,
And keep doing them over again.

Jump off mountains or out of airplanes,
Start living, if you have never fought
To live a life that will stir your heart,
It makes no difference if you succeed or not.

What matters most is the challenge
By doing things that make others pale,
Statt doing the deeds that some dare not.
Dream big and dare to fail.

What does it matter if you don't succeed,
It only matters that you feel the pride
Of putting some excitement into your life
And of knowing that at least you tried.

Don't be afraid to to lose or fail,
Just give it all you've got,
You will find your life more rewarding
If in its enthusiasm you get caught.

Aim for theose stars high in the sky
And never settle for anything less,
Don't even ask how far they are
And don't even try to guess.

Just reach out as far as you can,
For that is all you need to do
To fufill all your wishes and dreams,
And to find the real you.

So try living a life of excitement,
Go on a search for the Holy Grail,
Do things that will stir your soul,
Dream big and dare to fail.

William C. Glessing, USA

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